Alachua Co. EMWIN Project

Alachua Co. EMWIN Project
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lots of Weather Videos Uploaded!

Uploaded a ton of weather-related videos that I've taken over the years and I've made them now available, online. They include videos of downburst events, hail events, a wall cloud seen in Waldo, and more. They can be found under "Weather-related videos" at Todd Sherman's Video Pages. If you'd like to use any for educational purposes, let me know. While there feel free to also browse other videos I've taken - including space shuttle launches, various vacations videos, and more.


Do you have any weather-related videos that you think might be interesting or educational? Please let us know! We might be interested in placing it on our site. If you've got an interesting tape, contact us and let us take a look. We're especially interested in videos which show various types of storms and features WITHIN storms: corkscrewed striations in towers, anvil lips, overshooting tops (bubbly ones especially), mammatus, inflow stingers/tails, wall clouds, funnels clouds, tornadoes, gust fronts/outflow boundaries, gustnadoes, dust devils, lightning (CC, CA, CG, anvil zits, crawler lightning), etc., etc.

Basic & Advanced Spotter Training Class
Alachua County, FL
May 14, 2010


There will be a Basic & Advanced SKYWARN spotter training class on Friday, May 14th, 2010, from 6 to 9pm, at the Alachua County EMA, 1100 SE 27th Street, Gainesville, FL. Contact Dave Donnelly to register at (352) 264-6500, or at email Instructor will be Angie Enyedi, from NWS Jacksonville.

(5/3 - I've heard a rumor that this class has been cancelled but I will refrain from removing this announcement until I have seen confirmation duplicated in a few local ham and EM listgroups and on TV-20. Until such time I will consider my seat still reserved and I WILL be attending on the 14th, myself. -Todd)