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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Imposter AC-SKYWARN Twitter Account

Someone has apparently created a duplicate/imposter Twitter account called "alachuaskywarn". This is not our account.

The real Twitter account for Alachua County SKYWARN is "acskywarn" and has a much larger membership base. Unfortunately, some people will not recognize this and will inevitably become confused.

We apologize for this but we have absolutely no control over it. There are some rogue ham radio operators out there who were jealous of how well Alachua County SKYWARN was doing and they went out of their way to try to destroy it. They put on an extremely poor show and went out of their way to stalk, harass, scare and cause harm to myself and a number of my friends, even attacking their careers. They were not successful in destroying the organization itself, or it's web page, or it's web presence. However, they were entirely successful in completely destroying any chance for further SKYWARN spotter training classes inside Alachua County for...well...indefintely. NWS-JAX and ACOEM are too afraid of what the ham radio operators here have been doing here to pursue such a thing for now, and both NWS and ACOEM are rather disgusted. Unfortunately, what happened here in Alachua County has also affected the SKYWARN program across the entire NWS-JAX County Warning Area, as well. Mistakenly thinking that the problem laid with the civilians rather than the hams, NWS-JAX took it out on the wrong program: the civilian spotter program here, rather than the ham radio community. NWS-JAX no longer officially recognizes civilian programs across the ENTIRE County Warning Area. This is gravely unfortunate. This means that spotter classes must now be called for and handled by ACOEM and only ACOEM and since ACOEM is no longer interested in spotter training classes due to what has been happening down here, there will likely be no more spotter training classes for quite a while. The story is long but can be had from here: .

They've created imposter Yahoo accounts, too. The real Yahoo account is "ac_skywarn" (the AC-SKYWARN Email Alert List). The imposter account is "AC_Skywarn", which was created by Melissa Royce to deliberately confuse people.

She's also sent me harassing emails before by forging my name in Yahoo and creating an account in my name there, then sending me a harassing email and then deleting the account thinking she'd be hiding the evidence. However, on checking the header information in the email, it pulled up her husband's old personal web page (now no longer existant).

She's not a very bright stalker; but a stalker nonetheless. I suppose she feels very proud of what she does. Everyone take a moment of silence to clap for her in your minds...


Okay. Everybody done?

It's unfortunate that I have to deal with people like this. But there yuh go.


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